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Schmenger, Lukas: "Das dialektische Prinzip"
Lukas Schmenger - Das dialektische Prinzip
Schmenger, Lukas: "Das dialektische Prinzip"
Lukas Schmenger - Das dialektische Prinzip
Lukas Schmenger - Das dialektische Prinzip

Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Herausgeber: Daniel-Henry-Kahnweiler-Stiftung, Stadt Rockenhausen
Künstler: Schmenger Lukas
Autor(en): Schmenger Lukas, Groot Paul

Format: Druck / Print
Seitenanzahl: 20 Seiten
Auflage: 500 Exemplare

Preis: 7 EUR

Katalog zur Preisträgerausstellung vom 07.07.13 bis 25.08.13, Kahnweilerhaus in Rockenhausen.

"And then, last week you sent me these reproductions of your work.
At seeing these strong, nearly mechanical faces, I first felt uncomfortable. Did I really remember you as I see these faces, open and transparent like in a medical experiment? But then, while I, every day, try to imagine all kinds of vibes to discover my inner "morphic resonances", to discover the patterns of my brainwaves, to see these morphogenetic fields, I suddenly realized how you made contact with me!
And, immediately, the connection between you and me was repaired!
We do not know each other so well. Six, seven years ago we met in Düsseldorf, where we had a short conversation in a museum. And when we met and talked, we were looking more or less at works of other artists at the wall and in the rooms. But at the same time my body and soul and brains must have built up an image of you, an unconscious image. And now, after all these years, here, your work is the memory of an unrealized insight.
My question: these faces here, are these faces examples of the "morphic resonances" of your life?
Only asking this question makes it clear that Sheldrake's ideas still have a great power and a revealing energy. It feels like I can suddenly understand what Martin Heidegger in his work as the "Unverborgene" (the un-hidden) describes. Here, it is your hidden self that you show us.
And of course, Heidegger knew that when this "Unverborgene" is shown, it is like an explosive energy. [And my God, did you ever read Heidegger? If not, you better never do it!]" 
Auszug aus dem Katalogtext von Paul Groot, Amsterdam.

[vollständiger Katalogtext als PDF]

Katalog-Gestaltung: Chan-Young Ramert, Berlin.

Kahnweilerhaus Rockenhausen

Rubrik KÜNSTLER: Lukas Schmenger
Rubrik VERANSTALTER: Kahnweilerhaus

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